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Gas Fitting is a restricted trade requiring cetification by the authority having jurisdiction in your location. Gas Fitter Basics was written with attention to the regulations of the Canadian Gas Code. The gas code in other locations may vary and although concepts and regulations may be similar or identical in many cases, you must follow the precise gas code of the authority having jurisdiction in your area when performing work in the field.

This Readme file pertains to Gas Fitter Basics.

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To take full advantage of this ebook you must have scripting turned on in your browser. Without it you will not be able to use the electrical troubleshooting sections nor submit review section nor exam answers for automatic marking. If using Internet Explorer, scripting can be enabled or disabled by clicking in a check box. The scripting check box is located: Putting your browser in full screen mode will make some pages easier to navigate. With MSIE (Microsoft Internet Explorer) you can press F11 to toggle full screen mode. iPads have an icon for the same perpose. There are many sections with large and sometimes full screen graphics which also have rows of buttons for user controlled sequential images. The screen shot below demonstrates a user controlled "slide show". The text suggests appropriate moments to click on specific buttons that correlate to the concepts being discussed. Learning is fun with interactive graphics. They make it easy to comprehend new concepts clearly, build a solid foundation and advance quickly.

Gas Fitter Basics makes extensive use of graphics and animated graphics. There are also camera icons which when clicked will open a pop up window of a photograph. Click the camera to see an example.
The contents.htm page has button links to each section. The sections are presented in a purposeful order where subsequent material is usually based on knowledge gained in the previous sections. If you do not go through the book in the order presented you may find it difficult to comprehend. Most sections have a link to "Review Questions" for that section. Your answers are marked when you click on the submit button. Any incorrect answers are marked with a red X to allow you to review any areas where you are not satisfied with your results. At the end of the book is a 100 question multiple choice exam. The exam is an opportunity for you to test yourself on how much of the material you have grasped from this book. A JavaScript routine automatically checks your answers and displays your mark in percentage. You might find it amusing taking the test before and after reading the book to see how your mark changes.

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When you see an Imperial unit you may click the unit and it's metric counter part will appear. Click or touch again to restore the Imperial unit. Try this example: 70 °F The troubleshooting boards can be used in SI Units or Imperial Units. help page
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