For the entire month of February 2016 we are offering a 22% discount on Gas Fitter Basics*. This pricing discount will not be indicated on our order form but will be applied when we process your order. You can email us at seaside@gasfitterbasics.com for confirmation if you wish. Offer ends midnight Feb 29th, 2016. We offer world wide shipping or digital downloading. If you are located outside of Canada, your credit card processor will perform the currency conversion when we process your order. You can see currency conversions at any of the many online currency converters. Here's a link to the Oanda converter

*This offer does not apply to site licences, bulk purchases nor shipping costs.

Attention USA customers - Get Gas Fitter Basics for $99 USD

The conversion rate to the USA dollar is currently offering a significant advantage for USA customers. As of Jan 30, 2016 this provides about a 29% price advantage. When you combine the USA conversion rate with our 22% discount offer the Price of GFB drops to $99 USD. The conversion rate is always fluctuating but the 22% discount will remain constant for Feb. Don't miss out on this significant discount offer while it lasts.
Discount Pricing Breakdown
  Regular Price
Discounted Price
Discounted USA Price
  GFB regular price of: $179 Canadian Dollar  with our 22% discount: $139 Canadian Dollar  USA currency conversion: $99 USD