Introduction to the Gas Fitting Trade

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Available on CD-ROM or digital download from Seaside Computing, this introductory gas fitter training course is presented in a clear interesting manner utilizing interactive graphics and logically organized material, all from a mechanics perspective. Learn about the combustion process and how to diagnose and troubleshoot fuel side, air side and electrical side problems.

Gas Fitter Training

There are a great number of technical publications dealing with gas fitter training but few are written from a mechanics perspective. This one is. It illustrates the combustion process and related topics with straight forward explanations and graphics. It's intent is to make it easy to understand important concepts and terminology. Traditional gas fitter textbooks cover such a large scope of material and in such great detail that rudimentary concepts often become lost in the process. Gas Fitter Basics is an introduction to the Gas Fitting Trade and focuses on creating a solid foundation which can be built upon readily. Learning a trade is a never ending process and well understood fundamentals make learning more advanced concepts much easier. This interactive CD-ROM or downloaded product is a preparation for anyone interested in entering the gas fitting trade and is an introduction to some of the immediate problems one will face in the field. It is designed for those who:

  *are considering going into the gas fitting trade or trade college
  *wish an easily understandable overview of gas fitting
  *wish a reference of Gas Fitting concepts
  *are interested in these topics.

Learn to Troubleshoot

Learn about the combustion process and how to diagnose and troubleshoot fuel side, air side and electrical side problems. Learn the basics and then develop troubleshooting skills with the 100 interactive troubleshooting boards with built in faults. The Gas Fitter Basics CD-ROM is a comprehensive and interactive training course. GFB walks the participant through the fundamentals necessary to understand the operation of modern gas fired equipment. GFB uses layered graphics to demonstrate things like the operation of regulators and gas meters and sequence of operation of various types of equipment. After learning combustion and operational fundamentals and electrical troubleshooting basics, the participant can develop troubleshooting skills with the amazing 100 troubleshooting boards included on the CD. The interactive troubleshooting boards have functioning virtual test instruments which allow the user to diagnose various built in faults. The diagnosis can then be submitted and the user is informed whether his diagnosis is correct or incorrect.

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Interactive & Animated Graphics
Sequential overlaid graphics are used to clearly illustrate the topic at hand. Buttons allow interactive back and forth control of graphic display for logical comparisons and an easy grasp of the concepts at hand. Animations are used to clearly demonstrate concepts like the mechanical workings of things like bellows gas meters and bimetal warp switches. Gas Fitter Basics uses almost 2000 graphics. Many sections, especially the troubleshooting boards use large full screen graphics.
Actively Linked Index
The Contents section is presented in a logical learning progression. There is also a linked Index to quickly locate topics. The links take you instantly to the exact location that covers the topic.
Review Questions at end of each section
Each section has a review test which marks itself. Responses are marked with 's or 's to indicate where further study is required.
Exam marks itself
100 question, multiple choice exam fully tests participants grasp of the material. Submit button displays participant's mark in percentage. Answers are marked with 's or 's to allow follow up and further study where required.

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